Nature & Wildlife
Nature & Wildlife
Australian Outback Kangaroos

Nature & Wildlife

Here at AusDownUnder, we like to think the secret to an unforgettable vacation is diversity. The nature and wildlife of the South Pacific embodies diversity as it changes drastically as you move between islands. 

Look for kangaroos, wallabies and koalas that call Australia home, or swim with Sea Lions on the Eyre Peninsula.  The Blue Mountains just west of Sydney provide a stunning backdrop where you can wander with wombats.  Visiting one of the many outstanding zoos or experiencing wildlife in the wild; both of these different experiences are on offer

New Zealand is home to 13 species of penguins that inhabit everything from snow-capped glaciers to the winding waterways of the Marlborough Sounds.   In Kaikoura, known as the marine capital of the country, you’ll discover the beauty of underwater life. Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura gives you the incredible chance to swim with (and admire) the acrobatic dolphins. 

In the crystal clear waters of Fiji, travelers have the opportunity to see sea turtles, iguanas and whales. Whales can even be witnessed from the shore! Wildlife protection is important in Fiji - there are a whopping 200+ marine parks established in the area to keep the beautiful plants and animals thriving.

Let the AusDownUnder travel experts craft an itinerary that will provide you with some of the most unique and amazing nature and wildlife you have ever experienced! 

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