New Zealand & Fiji Itineraries
New Zealand & Fiji Itineraries
Sperm Whale shot on the Kaikoura Coastline, New Zealand

New Zealand & Fiji Itineraries

New Zealand & Fiji

New Zealand and Fiji are two incredibly different destinations, and that is exactly why you should combine them for your next vacation! Dive into the nature and wildlife of two of the world’s most unique travel spots.

You may hear New Zealand referred to as a miracle of geology with a dramatic landscape of fiords with narrow fingers of sea cutting inland flanked by cliffs thousands of feet high igniting the wanderlust in every traveler. With only 5% of New Zealand’s population being human (the majority are sheep), it is the perfect opportunity for bird watching and seeing penguins.  New Zealand has the most penguin species in the world.

The tropical islands of Fiji are just as much nature’s miracle! The expansive blue skies and rolling, deep green hills will immediately set the 100-miles-per-hour travelers’ mind at ease. With over 300 islands in a space almost equivalent to the size of New Jersey - there is no lack of white sand beaches and hidden coves to explore; unwind and recharge in Fiji.

Combining New Zealand and Fiji provides you with a beautiful blend of different cultures and astonishing landscapes.  Contact one of our AusDownUnder advisors and start planning your trip today!

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